You can place an order by emailing:


Sit down and make a list, the fewer additions/changes/corrections you make; the more likely it is we will get it right the first time.


IMPORTANT: You can help us to accurately fill your order by including your name, phone number, plans for payment, and substitution options (or advise if no substitution is allowed).

Here’s what the process looks like

  • You send us an email with the items you would like picked up, or delivered if you are unable to leave your home.
  • We are checking our e-mail frequently, but please realize that we might not get to your order on the day that it was placed.  We do not necessarily respond to each email, but feel free to call the store to check on the status of your order.  Although our average wait times are less than a few hours, please allow us 24-36 hours to guarantee your order, and we will call you when it is ready.
  • Use your name in the subject line.
  • Let us know if the order is for pickup or delivery.
  • Include a phone number so we may call you with questions regarding your order, and an address if the order is for delivery.
  • Inform us of your intended method of payment: credit card over the phone, or a check for exact amount are preferred methods for this process.
  • We will do your shopping for you. Be advised that some items may be out of stock.
  • When the shopping is complete, we push your order into a cooler for holding until you pick up.
  • We call you with a total, and arrange the payment.


Pickup orders will be notified and you will drive to the front doors and call 231-894-4378 from your car and let us know what vehicle you’re in and where you’re parked. We bring your order out. If paying with a check you can hand it out the window. If a card is used payment will be complete when we bring them to your car. We load the groceries into your vehicle for you.


Delivery orders will be notified of an approximate time frame for drop off, if you have specific instructions or helpful information to find your home please include that information in the original email. We do apply a delivery charge, it will be based on your location, and the amount of groceries to be delivered.